Raahe region's churches

The original articles are almost ALL in Finnish. The English pages of this site contain the holding places for the original Finnish articles and as time goes the Finnish articles will be summarised in English.

Raahe Seamen's Church
Raahe church altarpiece completed in 1926
The last judgement - Haukipudas church
Raahe old wooden church burnt to the ground July 23, and the next night in 1908
Revonlahti Church
Pyhäjoki Church
Pattijoki Forest church
Raahe Church
Raahe church is the center of the city, Pekka Square. It is easy to find and get to know thousands of people during the summer months
Raahe Church
Saint Agatha
Saloinen Church
Virgin Mary's altar
Happiness ditch stained glass.
Siikajoki Church
Vihanti Church
Pattijoki Church
Paavola Church
Vihanti Chapel
Raahe church chandeliers resemble the ship's railing
The church tower is 52 meters high