Captain Himinga's adventure

Captain Himanka lived on the corner of Kirkkokatu and Cortenkadu

As you pause for a moment on the corner of Ämmänkatu and Kirkkokatu, you are just in the right place to recall Captain Himana's adventures. Captain Himanka lived in a house in the corner of Kirkkokatu and Cortenkadu, which has been recently refurbished as a two-family home.

Almost the Emperor of Madagascar

Raahe sea captain Johan Himanka was a big and bearded man. It is said that his voice was so powerful that it competed with the storm bellows.

At the turn of the century, the captain became captain of the Rauma "Altai-Parkk". The ship made several successful trips under the leadership of Himanka.

"Altai-Parkk's" last trip lasted over two and a half years and ended on the island of Madagascar. The ship went off course and was grounded on a coral reef. The barges came and unloaded the cargo and the crew left the ship in lifeboats. The ship was unrepairable.

The crew had to stay in the country for a couple of weeks. One day, a delegation of the Local Residents arrived and asked Captain Himanka "doesn't the captain want to be our emperor, all you have to do is sit down in a silk shirt and give out orders" as they described his responsibilities.

Himanka declined the honour and later explained his decision.

Katinhäntä is not a cat's tail (katin sounds like cat's, häntä = tail)

In the old days it was said that there are two streets in Kajaani, one with citizens and dignitaries with no rain and the other with pigs in the rain. In small Raahe, even Katinhäntä has always had more than two streets.

The name Katinhäntä does not have anything to do with the cat, but the name comes from the Swedish "gatans ända". Katinhäntä was a mocking name in the 19th century, and residents were reluctant to use it.

The origin of the name Katinhäntä has always been controversial as once a couple of gentlemen, one of which exclaimed I'm not from Katinhäntä, but from the church village, and the other commented, "Anyhow you are from the root of the rumble!"

Awful events in Katinhäntä

The inhabitants of Katinhännän tell about the thing when one of the early evenings strange sounds began to come from the Läksyn corner. The residents thought someone had fallen through the ice. Police were called to the edge of the sea.

The sea was covered with lamps and lanterns. However, nothing was visible. The strange sounds continued. The residents thought the ghosts were on the move until someone realized that the cry was coming from on land.

Finally, the right location was found. The sound was coming from an outside building in a yard, where some boys had bollted the door on their grandmother who was really angry and panicking.

Fortunately, this awful event was solved the grandma saved from frostbite.

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