Anna's Day in Old Raahe

Anna's Day is celebrated on the 9th of December every year here in Old Raahe (Vanha Raahe).

Raahe celebrates Anna's Day in her honour. This day marks the road to Christmas.

The anniversary meant that the young men and women of the town got up as early as possible and dressed in an unusual way so that they would not be recognised. And since it was Annan's Day, Anna was especially remembered.

A large number of people marched beneath one of the local Anna's windows and tried to make an awfully loud noise. As many Annas as possible were visited. The celebration ended only at nightfall.

Most Annas were already accustomed to being awakened on their "name day" morning. They prepared buns and coffee for their visitors. Some Annas were even hurt if their window was forgotten. But there were also those who did not particularly like being awakened in the middle of the night.

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