About Us

Raahe Guides is an independent, English Guide organisation based in Saloinen a suburb of Raahe and near to Oulu in Finland.

We provide English guides, of the Raahe area compiled by a Native English-speaking resident. Currently there are wonderful tales of Raahe and they are mostly in Finnish. Our goal is to provide foreign visitors with those tales in English.

All of our services are provided in English by a native-speaker with a local knowledge of Raahe and extensive experience in the Finnish language.

In addition to guides we provide seminar and lecture services to groups, companies and organisations who wish to present themselves and Raahe to their clients and can act as an ambassador on their behalf.

Information about guided tours can be found here.

A work in Progress

This website is a real-time and living project. These pages are being actively translated into English and you will find many missing texts and possibly even a few mistakes. We have decided to make all the current information available as and when.