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Raahe a Historic town with Steel and High Technology

The Town of Raahe is situated between the diversified industrial regions of Ylivieska and Oulu, next to the main highway and railway routes.

Raahe`s logistical location is excellent. The harbour of Raahe operates all year around and it is one of the busiest ports in Finland. Oulu international airport is only 75 kilometres away.

Raahe is a historic town. Count Pehr Brahe, Queen Kristina`s govenor general, discovered the excellent Raahe harbour and founded the town in the name of Salo in 1649. In 1652 the name was changed to Brahestad and later on to Raahe.

The old town of Raahe is one the best preserved wooden towns in Finland. The old town is an integrated part of Raahe.

Saloinen and Raahe were united in 1973, Pattijoki and Raahe in 2003, Vihanti and Raahe in 2013.

The population of Raahe is around 26,000. The total area of the town is 535.7 Of the total area 8.4 is water. The total population of the Raahe District, including municipalities of Raahe, Pyhäjoki and Siikajoki is over 35,000.

Trade and shipping in Raahe has a long history, they were main sources of livelihood until the foundation of SSAB´s Raahe Steelworks (formely:Ruukki Steelworks) in the early 1960's. Rautaruukki was founded in Saloinen, the neighbouring municipality of Raahe.

Raahe has been a school town, and a town of know-how regarding high technology (ITC). In its heyday and up until 2010 over 1000 students were studying in the Oulu Polytechnic, Computer Engineering campus in Raahe. In Raahe people can feel the presence of the sea - a placid expanse of snow in winter and blue paradise in summer. Welcome to Raahe, the "Pearl of the North"

Raahe - Pearl of the North


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